Swansea – a brief history

The area around Swansea has been occupied for many thousands of years, with the oldest known human remains being the Red Lady of Paviland which have been dated from 22,000 BC.



Read more about cave finds, the Egyptian mummy named Hor and the Pleistocene period on the archaeology pages.

Copperopolis at Swansea Museum


Read more about Swansea during the 19th century, tinplate production and the famous Swansea Porcelain.

The Sea

The Sea

Discover Swansea’s fascinating maritime history, from its Elizabethan river-side quay to its years as a popular seaside resort.

Find out more about the Mumbles Train

The Mumbles Train

Read more about the The Mumbles Railway, the first railway in the world to regularly carry passengers in 1807.

Find out more about Swansea during World War two

World War II

Find out more about Swansea during the war, and as a major port with an industrial hinterland being an obvious target for the Luftwaffe.


Old Houses and Places

Take a look at a selection of paintings and early images of Swansea,
which can be found in the collection of Swansea Museum.