Talks, workshops, guided tours, film showings and more you’ll find plenty of events to keep you inspired at Swansea Museum.

Workshops – All workshops are FREE children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Workshops run between 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm and are drop in unless otherwise stated.

2nd April
Prehistoric Sculpture Workshop – for Adults
Study Palaeolithic and Neolithic art with local artist Michelle Dawson. You will be introduced to some pre-historical artefacts, decorative techniques and the ancient use of red ochre pigment. Then respond by creating your own sculpture. You can experiment using air drying clay or try carving into thermalite blocks.

Saturday 9 April
Family Egyptology Day:
Explore the world of ancient Egypt through our special Egyptology Day, featuring workshops on calligraphy, hieroglyphics, amulets and shabtis. Something for everyone!

10th April
Exciting opportunity to attend a free Art Workshop with a local stained glass artist Huda Awad – suitable for beginners.

1st May
Make a ‘Star Wars’ Art Sculpture.
Suitable for ages 9 to infinity.
‘Star Wars’ Workshop with sculptor Jonathan Anderson.
Work alongside local artist Jonathan Anderson to make your favourite ‘Star Wars’ spaceship sculpture. Use common materials like cardboard, wood, tape and paint to make a model X-wing or a TIE fighter, the Death Star, or even a science fiction inspired creation of your own……May the Force be with you!

22nd May
Sue Mann
Make art from history!
Artists in times gone by painted using egg tempera. Come along to local artist Sue Mann’s workshop and have a go yourself. An all day experience using naturally sourced materials and the museum’s rich collection as inspiration. You will grind your own pigment, make your own paint and create your very own work of art to take home with you! *Please note eggs will be used in the making of the paint.*
Sue Mann is exhibiting this year in Swansea Museum, Swansea Grand Theatre and Oriel Bach, Mumbles.

28th May
The Collection Painting
Looking at the collection you will produce a piece of art with the help of artist Hilary
Bryanston. Suitable for all ages.