4 Site Education


4site is an education service which provides workshops and school / college visits to venues in Swansea. It aims to bridge the gap between Swansea’s cultural venues and schools and colleges in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot and Carmarthenshire.

Activities and events organised by 4site comply with the National Curriculum across Swansea.

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Swansea Museum – Spring Term Timetable


15th to 18th January                                     WW2

22nd to 25th January                                     WW2

29th to 1st February                                      Mrs Mahoney

5th to 8th February                                        Alice Francis

12th to 15th February                                    Romans and Celts

19th to 22nd February                                   Electricity and Before or Toys

25th February to 1st March                          Half Term

5th and 6th March                                          Alice Francis

7th and 8th March                                          Mrs Mahoney

12th to 15th March                                         WW2

19th to 22nd March                                        Ancient Egypt

26th to 29th March                                         Romans and Celts

2nd and 3rd April                                            Electricity and Before or Toys





 If a session you are looking for does not appear on the timetable please contact Phil to discuss possible arrangements.






Amgueddfa Abertawe – Amserlen Tymor y Gwanwyn


15 tan 18 Ionawr                                          Yr Ail Ryfel Byd

22 tan 25 Ionawr                                          Yr Ail Ryfel Byd

29 Ionawr tan 1 Chwefror                           Mrs Mahoney

5 tan 8 Chwefror                                           Alice Francis

12 tan 15 Chwefror                                        Rhufeiniaid a Cheltiaid

19 tan 22 Chwefror                                        Trydan a Chyn Hynny neu Deganau

25 Chwefror tan 1 Mawrth                           Hanner Tymor

5 a 6 Mawrth                                                   Alice Francis

7 ac 8 Mawrth                                                 Mrs Mahoney

12 tan 15 Mawrth                                            Yr Ail Ryfel Byd

19 tan 22 Mawrth                                           Yr hen Aifft

26 tan 29 Mawrth                                           Rhufeiniaid a Cheltiaid

2 a 3 Ebrill                                                         Trydan a Chyn Hynny neu Deganau



 Os nad yw’r sesiwn rydych yn chwilio amdani’n ymddangos ar yr amserlen, cysylltwch â Phil er mwyn trafod trefniadau posib.