Film showings at the Museum

Swansea Museum embraces modern media improving the visitor experience. As part of Swansea Museum’s exhibitions and events programme, the Museum will be showing films regularly, adding a new dimension, and ensuring that visitors are really captivated by the topics and subjects explored within its exhibitions.

Showing films which are connected to the exhibits really allow for a more in depth understanding, and allow members of the public to really explore the topics which are covered in the exhibitions from that particular era.

The first series of films focus on Swansea Museum’s WW1 exhibition, Swansea and the Great War. Including exciting films such as Dr Zhivago, My Boy Jack, Warhorse and Birdsong, just to name a few.

Film showings are welcome to all, are free of charge, and are all U rated.


Film Date Time
Warhorse August 17 2pm
Gallipoli September 7 2pm
Private Peaceful September 21 2pm
Farewell to Arms October 5 2pm
The Monocoled Mutineer October 19 2pm
My Boy Jack November 2 2pm
Beneath Hill 60 November 16 2pm
All the Kings Men December 7 2pm
Birdsong December 14 2pm